Speed Matters. Build teams faster and more efficiently.

Finding talent is the easier part. Getting them to work with you is harder. Scalekrut engages a community of recruiters to identify potential hires, deliver your vision, engage with candidates and bring you the right talent.

Multiply your talent acquisition workforce by leveraging 100s of recruiters on Scalekrut. Get started in less than 5 minutes.

Vetted Candidates with unique insights

  • Unique matching algorithm lets you know candidate fitment by comparing the candidate profile with not just the job requirements, but success with similar job profiles across organisations.
  • Every candidate sent your way is verified and brings down the chance of resume dumping by recruiters.
  • Instant insight into skills & experience to bring the time required to pre-screen.
  • Whether hiring remote or on site, the preferences of the candidates are matched to ensure lower turnaround time.


  • Job Posting

  • Applicant Tracking System

  • Job Description Parser

  • Resume Downloads

  • Chat & Collaboration

  • Custom Pipeline Setup

  • Interview Scheduler

  • Search and Sort